Our cabinets are constructed with 3/4" black melamine.
We ship your machine from our shop in Louisville, KY  40218.  It is shipped under National Motor Freight Class 125.
Scores can be saved on the 60 game pack only.  With over 400 games, the board does not carry enough memory to save high scores.
Simply call or email us with your name, address, email and phone number.  Provide the type of machine you want, game pack, colors for t-molding, buttons and joysticks.  Also provide the graphics package you want and we will send you an invoice to review.  We accept most major credit cards over the phone or can send you a link to pay securely online.
We manufacture upright, cocktail table and bourbon barrel arcade machines.  We also distribute Golden Tee Home Edition, Virtual Pinball machines, upright and tabletop machines as well.